Rocky Goodnow

Rocky Goodnow

Vice President Timber, Forest Economic Advisors (FEA)

Rocky is Vice President, Timber Service, at Forest Economic Advisors LLC. In this role, Rocky is responsible for FEA’s outlook on the North American and international timber markets. Rocky leads the development of FEA’s timber econometric models, which are used in the analysis of future demand on wood fiber resources, regional timber supplies and timber values.

Rocky has been analyzing the North American timber markets since 2002. He is the primary author of FEA’s Timber Quarterly Forecasting Service publications and is a major contributor to FEA’s Global Softwood Log and Lumber Service. He has also co-authored numerous studies on a wide range of timber-related topics including timber supply, regional pulpwood markets, and international log markets. In addition, Rocky has led numerous single-client projects on timber markets both in North America and abroad.

Rocky holds a Master’s degree in Forest Economics and Management and a B.S. in Forestry, both from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Mass Timber: Will There Be Enough Wood to Meet Future Demand?

My discussion will focus on the availability of softwood timber in North America for utilization in mass timber applications. The presentation will provide a brief background on the sustainability of North America’s forest resources, an outlook on softwood log supply across the major producing regions, and the suitability of the available log resource for mass timber products.