Rick Murdock

Founder/CEO, Autovol

Rick has dedicated 43+ years to pioneering and helping build the modular manufacturing industry—across the U.S. and Canada. An expert in plant operations, he was co-founder and COO of Guerdon Enterprises, where he pioneered significant innovations in large-scale multistory, multifamily modular manufacturing that made the company an award-winning industry leader. A natural connector, Rick more recently co-founded Prefab Logic, a consultant group specializing in modular construction planning, development, sourcing, and completion services. He is also the Founder and CEO of Waypaver International, a modular factory consultancy firm whose business is all about helping others entering modular manufacturing understand risks, avoid costly mistakes, and enjoy the adventure.

Last but not least, Rick co-founded and is the CEO of Autovol, the nation’s first and world’s largest automated robotic modular manufacturing plant in Nampa, ID. Rick has a deep knowledge and understanding of the entire operations necessary for successful modular manufacturing and completion of large-scale projects. He has built a talented team at all of his companies that reflects his passion and exemplifies his character.