Lisa Podesto

Senior Business Development Manager, Design Build Americas

Lisa serves as Lendlease’s Timber and Innovation Specialist, responsible for advising construction, development, and design-build projects nationwide where the use of mass timber and componentized solutions are being considered. In addition to leadership and advocacy for timber and low environmental impact building construction, she supports activities at Lendlease including master planning, design management, cost planning, and pre-construction, guiding early decisions to achieve pioneering, sustainable project delivery.

She was a co-author and peer reviewer for the 2012 United States Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Handbook and the 2016 Nail Laminated Timber Design and Construction Guide. Lisa was also a key contributor to a two phased research program establishing a new design methodology for the blast resistance of CLT. With her professional engineering license, years of design practice and a decade of experience in market development for wood structures, she carries a unique expertise in mass timber structural solutions, fire and life-safety code, and sustainable construction.