Ben Romanchych

Senior Analyst – Constructions Markets

Ben is a Senior Analyst with FPInnovations’ Business Intelligence Group. In his current role at FPInnovations, Ben has consulted with some of North America’s largest forest products companies and industry associations. Prior to his position at FPInnovations, Ben has held positions at Interfor Corporation, Metrie (formerly Sauder Industries), and Forte Millwork Inc. Ben holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of British Columbia’s Wood Products Processing Program. Ben and his team at FPInnovations provide market intelligence for clients through the combination of data analytics and industry experience, creating actionable insights.

Breakout Presentation Topic:
Opportunities for Industrialized Wood Construction
As construction shifts towards industrialized wood-based construction, there is an increasing need to understand this market. The presentation will dive into the current trends in construction for multi-family residential and non-residential buildings. There will be a focus on the specific segments which are most favorable to industrialized systems and will identify which markets across North America pose the greatest opportunity. The session will conclude with a question and answer period.