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About IWBC 2018

IWBC 2018 is the first annual international conference/expo on Industrialized Wood-Based Construction. This conference addresses all mass timber and industrialized light frame and engineered lumber technologies that are moving the construction process offsite.

The conference speakers will address all wood-based, offsite solutions – both mass timber and light framing. It is about the integration of design, engineering, offsite fabrication, delivery and assembly of floor roof, wall elements as well as modular units.

IWBC 2018 is owned and produced by Forest Economic Advisors LLC.

In addition to one complimentary two-day pass, successful submissions will also receive the opportunity to:

  • Present before a highly motivated and activated audience;
  • Directly engage with a diverse community ranging from architects, builders, and software developers to students, engineers, and C-suite executives;
  • Interact with top-level core contributors in the industrialized wood-based industry as well as thought leaders and innovators;
  • Be part of this first-ever innovative event

Breakouts and Topics

Each session will have three speakers and a moderator. Presentations should ideally address the following breakouts and session topics.

Breakout 1
Systems as Solutions
Breakout 2
Adapt, Integrate, Collaborate
Breakout 3
Potential, Performance and Practicalities
Session 1
Economics and Business Case for IWBC
Unleashing productivity gains seen in other industries; Changing financial models
Re-Engineering the Supply Chain
Integration of design, procurement, offsite fabrication, delivery and site assembly
Carbon Impacts & Energy
How carbon offset can be monetized; implications for state and city procurement policies; how the industry can step up its lobbying
Session 2
Business Models in IWBC
Case studies from successful modular/prefab/mass timber producers
Changing Skills and Labor Needs
Including impacts on/of organized labor, need for retraining – CAD/CAM/CNC skills
Codes & Permitting
How is offsite construction viewed by building inspectors in different areas of NA? How does it impact permitting? What needs to change?
Session 3
Capitalizing on the Potential of Offsite Construction
Overcoming the “manufactured housing” misconception
BIM as the Ultimate Game-Changer
Creating cost & time efficiencies, while reducing errors through effective digital information flows
Design Flexibility & Mass Customization
How to create unique aesthetics when using standardized panels and boxes
Session 4
Opportunities in IWBC
Where is the soft sand? What market segments offer the greatest opportunity?
Investing in Technology
Adoption of various degrees of automation, such as CNC and robotics, ROI, pros and cons
Construction Materials & Methods
Today’s state-of-the-art, in terms of how structures can be built

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