Speaker Information

  • Why Speak at IWBC? IWBC 2018 was a resounding success, largely because of the quality of our speakers. Attendees pack the rooms at breakout sessions because they know they will be receiving valuable information on the latest technologies and know-how from industry experts like you. As a speaker, you will also receive a complementary two-day pass to the conference and, if your firm is exhibiting, research shows your presentation will drive attendees to your booth.
  • Each session will have three speakers and a moderator. Individual presentations must not exceed 25 minutes. The remaining time at the end of each session (ideally 15 minutes) will be used for Q&A.
  • The Call for Speakers will close on June 14 or earlier, at the discretion of IWBC, if all speaker slots are filled.
Interested speakers, please use the form below to submit your bio, head shot and presentation details.

Tracks and Topics

Each session will have three speakers and a moderator. Presentations should ideally address the following tracks and session topics.

Track 1
Systems as Solutions
Track 2
Adapt, Integrate, Collaborate
Track 3
Potential Performance and Practicalities
Session 1
Business Case for Industrialized Wood Based Construction
Unleashing productivity gains, seen in other industries; changing financial models.
Re-Engineering the Supply Chain
Integration of design, procurement, offsite fabrication, delivery and site assembly.
Carbon Impacts
How carbon offset can be monitized; implications for state and city procurement policies; how the industry can step up its lobbying.
Session 2
The Case for Modular Construction
Examining the economics of volumetric modular in both light frame and with CLT shells. A close look at how speed affects ROI for the developer.
Changing Skills & Labor Needs
How organized labor can adapt to the offsite movement.
Building Codes
Impact of new tall wood ICC and BC codes. Acceptance of offsite light frame construction by building inspectors across NA? How will the building inspector shortage affect adoption of offsite.
Session 3
“Super-Subs” vs. “End to End”
Where does each make the most sense? How will the industry evolve?
Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
Augmented reality, virtual reality and robotics for the offsite construction industry.
Fire Safety
Fire & Mass Timber. Structural resistance. Integrity Insulation. How to mitigate the impact of fire on life, safety and property. Construction site fire safety.
Session 4
Financing Offsite Construction for Developers, Builders & Consumers
The drivers, players and financing options that are fueling rapid growth in the offsite construction industry.
Integrated Team Structure & Digital Process Workflows for Effective Project Delivery
Aligning the interests of stakeholders and team members in order to integrate their work for optimal project performance.
Standardization & Mass Customization
How to combine efficiency of manufacturing without sacrificing design freedom. How kits of component parts can mitigate the “one-off ” problem.

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