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How is modular hotel construction financed?

NEW! Volumetric Building with Vaughan Buckley

Listen to the Podcast Art Schmon, Managing Director IWBC, interviews Vaughan Buckley, CEO of Volumetric Building Companies to discuss the advantages offsite modular building. It’s the orchestration of bringing together: Technology-enabled design process Precision-driven manufacturing capabilities Project-proven volumetric set and construction expertise Ensures faster delivery of quality, sustainable buildings.

How is modular hotel construction financed?

How Can Artificial Intelligence be Used to Produce Timber Design
A conversation with Dr. Luke Whale, CoFounder of DAISY AI, Inc.

Listen to the Podcast Listen to Dr. Luke Whale describe an exciting new AI technology that promises to revolutionize timber design for manufacturing. The AI tool is called DAISY, acronym for Design AI Systems, and it uses genetic programming to find an optimal design for almost any given floor system. Using the principals of evolutionaryA conversation with Dr. Luke Whale, CoFounder of DAISY AI, Inc.“>… Read more »

How is modular hotel construction financed?

End to End with Design-Make-Build
A conversation with Ben Tabolt, Director Plan Services, MiTek

Listen to the Podcast MiTek empowers its customers to improve the way they design, make and build. Listen to Ben Tabolt, MiTek’s Director of Plan Services, describe how Mitek is putting Design-Make-Build into action, with a holistic approach centered around digital design with offsite manufacturing in mind. BIM, digital twinning, VR, AR, automated drafting, fabricationA conversation with Ben Tabolt, Director Plan Services, MiTek“>… Read more »

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Catalyst: Michael Green’s Latest Offering

Photo © Benjamin Benschneider Mass-timber guru Michael Green has completed his latest project “Catalyst” for the University of Eastern Washington in Spokane. Green explains that the five-storey, 1,500 square foot building, a central atrium with two wings, needed to be “aesthetically and programmatically neutral.” From the Katerra site: The building is intended to demonstrate the… Read more »

Entekra Wins Ivory Innovations Housing Affordability Award

Entekra Wins Ivory Innovations Housing Affordability Award

Entekra is an offsite construction company from California that made it though to the finals of the 2020 Ivory Innovation Awards. On April 16, through a livestream presentation, they were awarded first prize in the Construction and Design category. The Ivory Prize shines a light on foundations, businesses, non-profits and community leaders who work to… Read more »

The Future of Construction

In 2015, China’s Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) company built a 57-story high rise in just 19 days. If you do the math, that averages three floors every day. The building housed 800 apartments, 19 atriums and office space for 4,000 workers. While this feat is truly incredible, the thinking behind it has been around for… Read more »

Modular Construction of Hotels is on the Rise

The building of hotels lends itself to modular construction because it reduces build times significantly, cuts costs and reduces the amount of waste. With more customers demanding eco-friendly accommodation options, hotels are leading the shift to offsite construction. Home2 Suites San Francisco Airport North by Hilton will open its first hotel using modular building components… Read more »

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The Surprising Benefits of BIM

BIM is a wonderful tool for construction and design companies of all sizes. The common misconception is that BIM is for designers to generate 3D models. While this is a very popular function, BIM can help to manage all the information on your projects from conception to completion.

Why Construction Is Ripe For Disruption

The US economy has been enjoying a historic run. Since June 2009, the upturn is set to be the longest in US history if it can last until June. The one area that is lagging is new home sales. The season? A lack of entry-level homes that are priced within reach of the 19.4 million who have entered the workforce since 2009.