Steering Committee & Staff

IWBC 2018 is fortunate to have such prominent industry leaders on its steering committee. Our sincere thanks and appreciation go out to the members of the Committee who are so generously giving their time and energy to help make IWBC 2018 a success.

Steering Committee

Chris Carbone, Head of Engineering
Bensonwood & Unity Homes
Walpole, NH
Peggi Clouston, Associate Professor
Wood Mechanics and Timber Engineering
Dept. of Environmental Conservation
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Jean-Marc Dubois, Director Business Development
Nordic Structures USA Inc.
Albany, NY
Cees de Jager, CMO,
Softwood Lumber Board,
Vancouver, BC
Yugon Kim, Partner
Boston, MA
John Klein, Principal
John Klein Design, Lecturer, MIT
Boston, MA
Nicole St. Clair Knobloch, Project Leader Build it With Wood
New England Forestry Foundation,
Boston, MA
Pat Layton, Professor of Forestry & Director,
Wood Utilization + Design Institute
Clemson University
Clemson, SC
Steve Lovett, CEO,
Softwood Lumber Board
Washington, DC
Iain Macdonald, Associate Director
Tallwood Design Institute
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon
Steve Marshall, Assistant Director, Cooperative Forestry
U.S. Forest Service, Wood Innovations
Washington, DC
Gerald McCaughey, CEO
Entekra Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Nick Milestone, Chairman TRADA
MD William Hare Group
Buckinghamshire, UK
Kirk Nichols, Vice President Sales
Americas at Metsä Wood
Atlanta, GA



Art Schmon
Managing Director IWBC 2018 & Partner FEA
Sechelt, BC, Canada
Paul Jannke
Steering Committee Chair IWBC 2018 & Principal, FEA
Littleton, MA
Brendan Lowney
Principal, IWBC 2018 & FEA
Littleton, MA
Lisa Kelly
Administrator IWBC 2018
Littleton, MA
David Battaglia
Manager, Event Sales
Atlanta, GA
Shelley Griffin
President, Griffin Conference Group
Belmont, MA