The IWBC Virtual Experience is bringing together the architecture, building and design community for a virtual event that transforms the standard in-person event into a technology-driven, streamlined experience that maximizes value.

Why Attend the IWBC Virtual Experience?

  • Take workshops and find products related to integrated, offsite, wood-based, and automated construction held in conjunction with the Virtual Experience.
  • With an All-Access pass, watch and listen to 75+ live or on-demand educational workshops.
  • Search the product gallery for the latest products, innovations and technologies, and connect directly with exhibiting companies.
  • Watch a series of innovative and thought-provoking Keynotes.
  • Use the matchmaking feature to network through 30-minute 1-to-1 meetings.

How do I watch?

From the convenience of your smartphone, computer or tablet. The best experience will be provided on a laptop or desktop using Chrome or Firefox browsers. You can use a mobile device, however some functionalities may be limited because of the screen size so we encourage you to use a computer.

What is the cost?

You will have access to all the educational content, the virtual exhibits and unlimited networking — for one flat fee of $249.

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What if I have a conflict Dec. 2-3?

Can’t attend the live virtual conference on December 2-3? We’ve got you covered — all workshops will be available on-demand to registrants until March 31, 2021.

Explore the Virtual Platform

  • Virtual Meetings

    Our AI-based one-to-one matchmaking tool is a must-have for exhibitors and attendees looking to make the most of their virtual event experience. The matchmaking tool gives registered attendees and exhibitors the ability to pre-book on-site meetings and to quickly and easily search for new potential customers, suppliers or partners according to their business objectives.

    How it Works


    The matchmaking service will be available to all registered attendees and exhibitors beginning in November.


    When you receive an email with a link to login to the virtual event platform, you will update your profile and start matching.


    Search for exhibitors by product category to find your perfect match then send and receive invitations to arrange online meetings.

    How is it Beneficial

    • With just a few clicks, you can search the hundreds of manufacturers available across numerous product categories to book a meeting to discuss their products, services and innovations.
    • Make the most of your time with us scheduling meetings before, during and after the event — until March 31, 2021.
    • Promote yourself and your company presence at the show with an optimized profile.
    • Create your own tailored meeting schedule alongside conference workshops to gain the most benefit of the virtual event.
    • Let it serve as your personal assistant, offering a detailed itinerary function and providing meeting reminders sent via email or text message.
    • Instead of wondering ‘who can I meet?’ or “are they the right contact?’ instead search for, connect, and secure meetings before the show even starts.
  • Virtual Meetings Search

    Below is a sample of the page within the virtual platform where attendees and exhibitors can search for one another.

    • In this section above, the virtual show participant can search by products/services or business type. On a second tab you can search by contact name.

    • In this section above you can send a meeting request. Your meeting partner will select the date and time for the online meeting

    • In this section above you will see your meeting requests.
  • Virtual Education

    For the first time ever, attendees have access to ALL the educational workshops through March 31, 2021. Review the screenshots below which highlight all of the pages you will recieve.

    • In this section above, you will see a list of live and on-demand workshops. Each workshop will be presented as a card/tile that includes the workshop title, description, speaker, etc. You can filter the workshops by the 16 educational tracks.

    • When you click on a card/tile from as mentioned above, this is a sample of the details you will recieve — workshop title, description, speaker, as well as videos, handouts, and polls if applicable. etc.

    • In this section above, you will see your personalized schedule by day.

    • Search the speaker directory to find the industry and business leaders who will share strategies, trends and initiatives. You can also send an invitation for a :30 1-to-1 meeting.
  • Attendee Profile

    Below is a sample of the Attendee profile section where attendees will complete their company profile information.

    • In this section above, attendees will add their email, password, first name, last name, job title, nearest city timezone, phone, what are you looking for, area of responsibility, and job function.

    • In this section above attendees will complete their about me, my interests, and product interest.

    • In this section above attendees will complete their availability for meetings status.
  • Virtual Exhibitor Directory

    Through the exhibitor directory page on the virtual platform, attendees can search for exhibitors by company name, A-Z, keyword or product category. The exhibitor cards contain the company name, location, description and logo.

  • Virtual Booth

    To make the most out of your virtual booth experience, review the screenshots below which highlight all of the details that are available.

    • In this section above, you will add your logo , company description, web address, and social links. You will also choose a main color (to replace the yellow) and the select the layout/design of the furnishings.

    • In this section above you can upload a company promotional video and add brochure PDFs. Attendees will also see which booth staff is currently online.

    • In this section above, you will highlight your products, technology and innovations with images, descriptions, videos, brochure PDFs, links, and keywords.

    • This section above will feature the business cards of your booth staff so attendees can book meetings.
  • Exhibitor Profile

    Below is a sample of the Exhibitor profile section where exhibitors will complete their company profile information.

    • In this section above, exhibitors will add company name, location, description, website, social links, keywords, logo, images, and videos.

    • In this section above exhibitors will customize their virtual booth by adding a logo, banner images, images, booth design, and backgrounds.

    • In this section above, exhibitors will manage their leads. They can see metrics for the number of confirmed meetings, virtual booth leads, and new business leads.